Bluebonnet Circle Alliance

About Bluebonnet Circle

Daniel and I just moved into Bluebonnet Place, a neighborhood on the north part of Bluebonnet Circle — which is just south of Texas Christian University, where University Drive meets Bluebonnet Circle.

According to the City of Fort Worth website, Bluebonnet Circle, constructed around 1929, was the only enduring result of the emphasis on traffic circles in the Bartholomew & Associates street plan. But it was not developed until after 1950.


There is a master plan in the works, originally designed by HOK. I encourage you to read this document and dream with me about the potential evolution of Bluebonnet Circle. But more importantly, let’s breathe a little life into this space and gather. Potluck, popup, grassroots, community style. (From

About the Bluebonnet Circle Alliance

The Bluebonnet Circle Alliance grew out of my desire to gather and share stories. To meet neighbors and laugh at inside jokes. To invest in community and build deep roots. My hope is simply to create opportunities for our community to meet and gather, while engaging Fort Worth’s most promising artisans, creators, tinkerers, and dreamers. 

Just imagine…

  • Community gardens with a local educational component
  • Outdoor book clubs with fresh lemonade and cupcakes
  • Potluck picnics on big wooden tables
  • Concerts from local musicians
  • Farmers & artisan market
  • Cheese & wine tastings
  • Doggie meet & greets
  • Yoga in the park

The list could go on for a while, so we’ll stop for now.  How can you help? Send me a message to let me know what you’re interested in. Check out our website and our social media channels (below).

Twitter –
Instagram –
Email –

But even more importantly, plug into YOUR community. Do you know your City Council Representative? How about the your neighborhood redevelopment organizations or your closest fire station? I really encourage you to put in your address and discover your Where I Live” report results.

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  1. Sarah Linden said:

    I am LOVING this. All of it. Super impressed by your work.

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