Hi, my name is Stacy Aguilar, and I am digital media and graphic design teacher living in Fort Worth, TX, with my husband, Daniel, and our beagle-mix, Jack. But design is more than graphics — it impacts everything from our cities, to our streets, our systems for doing things, and our interactions with others.

A little bit about me…I’ve lived in Fort Worth for over two years now, but I grew up in Houston (a city I love from afar) and have lived in College Station, New York, and Austin. I’ve also learned through extended study abroad experiences in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Caen, France.

I spent my undergraduate years at Texas A&M University studying sociology, and then quickly moved to New York to pursue a degree in public policy from NYU Wagner’s Graduate School of Public Service. During my first year at Wagner, I grew interested in our food system and discussions around food policy. Since Wagner did not have a set of classes addressing the issue, I started a student advocacy and education group that won the NYU President’s Award in 2010. The group is still raising up food policy leaders and connecting students from some of the most influential universities in Manhattan.

While completing my degree through the UT LBJ School of Public Affairs, I had the opportunity to study under Kate Canales, current Director of Design and Innovation Programs at SMU, and former designer at both IDEO and Frog Design. With Canales, I conducted a study using design thinking to address childhood obesity in Texas. This is where I feel in love with studying my community and becoming a designer of changemaking innovation.

While completing my masters degree, I gained professional experience as a social media strategist, marketing coordinator, and account manager for a number of varying types of organizations, ranging from non-profits to start-up companies and for-profit, mission-oriented organizations. But eventually, I became an educator, a profession I’ve always held with such high esteem. I now teach digital media and graphic design courses to a group of great girls at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, a Fort Worth ISD School of Choice located in Fort Worth. I see amazing things for Fort Worth and want to invest my time, ideas, and energy into this city. I want creative, innovative people to root here, and make big things happen. I want to see a sea of young, civic-minded people, a sea of public transit users, a sea of highly respected public schools. And I want to be involved with making all that happen. Contact me if you feel the same.


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